Лабрадор *YANKEE GOODWILL* Labrador


  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

13-15 April 2005 

30th Anniversary 

of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac's Annual Spring Specialty , USA

Юбилейная монопородная выставка лабрадоров в честь 30-летия 

Потомакского Лабрадор Ретривер Клуба, США




Judge/Судья - Beth Sweigart (Yarrow, USA)

Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак

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Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак

Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак    Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак

  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  

Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак

Best in Sweepstakes

Shalane Cora Belle 

Owner: Deborah S Lewis

Best of Opposite Sex 

Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress 

Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross

C L A S S R E S U L T S - Результаты по классам:

Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Black.
  (30) Ophir's Dark Shadow. Owner: Tom O'Hern & Jenny Eppinga.
  (32) Tremonts Little Black Dress. Owner: Lori Bentine & John Bentine.
  (34) Sunset I Spy Iris Devereaux. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.
  (36) Time Square Madame X. Owner: Amy Oles & Mark Oles.
  (38) Time Square Serendipity. Owner: Amy Oles & Mark Oles.
1 (40) Ghoststone's Respect. Owner: Judy Chambers & Scott Chambers.
  (42) Kimleigh's Once In A Blue Moon. Owner: Anne Maynard.
  (44) Velvet Miron Du Grand Cassieu
  (46) Hampton's Blue Moon. Owner: Alana Becker.
  (48) Innisfree's Scarlet. Owner: John Kelly Jr.
  (50) Skye's Mira Mira On The Wall. Owner: Joanne Hanscom.
A (52) YBR Midnite Masquerade Doll. Owner: Sandra Allen.
  (54) Bluesouth's Realle' Ecpose'. Owner: Denise Branch & Thomas Branch.
  (56) Paradigm's Bella Sophia. Owner: Constance Stark & Heidi Herman.
  (304) Torcastle Samantha. Owner: David W Schnare Esq.
  (424) Bellwether Repeat. Owner: T Barks.
  (432) Dalybrook Windfall Tequilla Girl. Owner: Christine Daly-Harper & E D Harper Jr.
  (436) Crossfield's Kennebec. Owner: Victoria Jacobs & Annette Watkins.
2 (438) Queijeiro Mont Blank. Owner: Manuel Queijeiro Piza.
  (440) Liddle Miss Pinkie Buttercup. Owner: Gregory Goebel.
  (556) Barataria Of Blackamoor. Owner: George E Marzloff & H Price Jessup.
  (558) Janlon Highcaliber Showgirl. Owner: Sharon Luckhart & Debbie Morton.
  (560) Bellwether Tabatha Etc. Owner: T Barks.
  (562) Pucketts Pattie Pattie Cake. Owner: Maxine Puckett & Keri Schooler.
  (564) Beechcroft's Study The Rain. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.
  (566) Windy Ridge Full Eclipse. Owner: Robin Magee & James Magee.
3 (568) Bellwether Tabatha Ditto. Owner: T Barks & C Heidl.
  (572) Ridge View Sub Zero. Owner: Donna Reece.
  (574) Sunset Darcie Q Winsome. Owner: Cathy Culpert.
  (576) Tameric's Something Else. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.
  (578) Tabatha's Stella Adventure. Owner: Kim Falker & Carol Heidl.
4 (580) Tameric's Something Sweet. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.
  (582) Paradocs Tabatha's Pebble. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.
  (584) Paradocs Ruffled Tabatha. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.
A (888) Bonaventure's Walkabout Carly. Owner: Lucille Walker.
  (1140) Tabatha's Charms. Owner: Carol Heidl.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Yellow.
  (18) Mar-Moye Hurricane Frances. Owner: Marion Daniel.
  (22) Apple Mt's PS I Love You. Owner: Jodi Riley.
1 (58) Blackdux Legacy's Liz. Owner: Kathleen Wold & Kevin Bergeson.
A (60) Hyspire Sophisticated Swing. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.
  (62) Hyspire It Had To Be You. Owner: J Heim & V Russell, L Daross & S Ramsay.
  (64) Tullamore Hyspire Time Traveler. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.
3 (66) Hyspire Ghoststone Any Swing Goes. Owner: Judy Chambers & Scott Chambers.
  (68) Cinder's Keep The Faith. Owner: Cynthia Damiano.
  (70) Chilbrook Aurora. Owner: Debby Kay.
  (72) Cinder's Lottie Dah. Owner: Cynthia Damiano.
  (74) Innisfree's Tara. Owner: Phyllis Kelly.
4 (76) Tullamores Topaz. Owner: Linda Bednarski & Richard Bednarski.
  (362) Lobuff Hollyridge Kiskadee. Owner: Julie Quigley-Smith & Lisa Weiss-Nolechek.
  (400) Ocean Spray Bethany. Owner: Paul Maclean & Sandra Maclean.
A (444) Crossfield's Idaho. Owner: Victoria Jacobs & Annette Watkins.
2 (446) Queijeiro Taboo. Owner: Manuel Queijeiro Piza.
  (586) East Hill Castlegar Daisy. Owner: Pierry McLean & Stan McLean.
  (588) Cooky's Lady Finger Sadie. Owner: Jeffrey Cook.
A (590) Berryhill Just Peachy. Owner: Connie Bowen.
  (592) Crossfield's Ravenwood Trinket. Owner: Annette M Watkins.
A (594) Infinity's Twinkle. Owner: Michelle VeuCasovic.
  (596) Empress Five Alarm Fire. Owner: Dawn Marie Nacey.
  (598) Infinity's Mini Muffin. Owner: Michelle VeuCasovic.
  (600) Windfall East Hill Snickerdoddle. Owner: Sheila Norgren & Annie Cogo.
A (602) Sumo's BaChi Sassy Salsa. Owner: Patricia W Block.
A (742) Brioche Of Blackamoor. Owner: H Price Jessup.
  (890) Brookland's Sweet Savvay. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.
  (892) Blackthorn's Society Page. Owner: Barbara Gilchrist & Robert Gilchrist.
  (894) Danbridge De'Lovely. Owner: Marilyn Meewes & Kenneth Meewes.
  (896) Jaquin's Southern Belle. Owner: Pauline Nehring & Lawrence Nehring.
  (898) Pandemonium Uproarious Honey. Owner: Laura Jennings & Olin Jennings.
A (900) Brooklands Sweet Sherry. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 6-9 Mos Chocolate.
1 (448) Wassookeag's Natalie. Owner: Susan S Robichaud & David J Robichaud.
2 (902) Brooklands Sally Brown. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.
A (1138) Tabatha's Chaps. Owner: Carol Heidl.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Black.
  (26) Eiderdown Spittin' Image. Owner: Kathy Kaiser.
  (78) Tableau's Swim Shady. Owner: Ellen C Shearer.
  (82) Cedarbay Dangerous Liasions. Owner: Marianne L Rousseau ESQ.
A (84) Mandalay Hyspire Roses Are Red. Owner: J Heim & V Russell & L Daross.
2 (310) Highmeadows Blackwatch Abbey. Owner: Susan W Barrett.
A (390) Campbell Yard's Unexpexted Pleasure. Owner: Carol Pyne & Dan Pyne.
  (514) Trinity's Fancy At Willowcreek. Owner: Kathy DeVito & Kristin DeVito & Janet Free.
  (516) Trinity's Final Dance. Owner: Kathy DeVito & Kristin DeVito & Janet Free.
1 (604) Lobuff's Hollyridge Nat'l Treasure. Owner: Lisa Nolechek & Jim Nolechek & Julie Q Smith.
  (606) Beechcroft's Study The Sea. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.
  (608) CopperStill Fat Lady Sings. Owner: Keri Schooler.
Excused Lame (610) Minefalls Shi-Lo. Owner: Gary Witts & Laura Witts.
  (612) Tormentil's Little Lotta. Owner: B Lubbert.
  (614) Sasco Picholine. Owner: Kristen Maloney.
  (616) Minefalls J-Lo. Owner: Gary Witts & Laura Witts.
  (618) Hunt Club Clayview Last Comic Standing. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette.
A (620) Hunterleigh's Tabatha Maud. Owner: Norbert Wewer.
  (622) Empress Mercedes Of Tabatha. Owner: Dawn Nacey & Carol Heidl.
  (712) Belquest's Last Laugh. Owner: Vicky Creamer.
  (904) Tabatha's Persuasion. Owner: Carol Heidl & S Schneider.
3 (906) Majestx Bonnie At Allegheny. Owner: Clare Senfield.
  (908) Gorton Fishnet Stockings. Owner: Gail Gorton.
4 (910) Tabatha's Persistence. Owner: Carol Heidl.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Yellow.
A (86) Lochiel's Phoenix. Owner: Cindy Hummel & Linda Forsyth.
A (88) Oakcrest Gleama Shines. Owner: Joanne H Weber & 216.
  (360) Grand River Latta Moxie. Owner: Connie Bowen.
3 (396) Gateway's White Dove. Owner: Patty Streufert.
  (452) JBird Sweetwater Jazmine. Owner: Robin McBain & Manuela Link.
  (454) Grandriver Drift T'Copperstone. Owner: Lisa Brown.
  (456) Lighthouse Spell Caster. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch.
  (458) Lighthouse Albemarle Witch. Owner: Lynn A Greskevitch.
A (518) Steele's Holly From Valcar. Owner: Carrie Dilling & Steele Dilling & Clint Vail.
A (624) Tulgeywoo's Tilda. Owner: Joan McInnis & Adam McInnis.
  (626) Water Oaks Rigatoni. Owner: Jessica P Gore.
  (630) Hiview Peggy Sue. Owner: Dorothy E Black.
  (632) Echoes Going Overboard. Owner: Tera Fenton & Merissa Fenton.
4 (634) Canvasback's Lil Whiskey Girl. Owner: Jane Bailey & Elizabeth Lloyd.
  (636) Broadway's Brooklyn. Owner: Maryann Czerwinski.
  (638) Erinhill's Sun Shower. Owner: Cheryl A Curtis & Jenna Curtis.
A (640) Caer Bren Bay At Tigabunk. Owner: Jackie Mischou & Sarah Barker.
  (642) Atlantic's By Storm. Owner: Deborah Weinman & Bradley Weinman.
  (644) Paradocs Tabatha Smarty Joan. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.
  (646) Ridge View Smarty Pants. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.
A (648) Danbrooke Be A Sweetheart. Owner: Susan Lhotka & Erven Lhotka.
A (650) Deja Vu's Hula Hula. Owner: Alice Lipe Judah.
  (714) Belquest Sweet Revenge. Owner: Vicky Creamer & Drew Lund.
1 (912) Tabatha's Percussion. Owner: Carol Heidl.
  (914) Buttonwood Fox Hill Lucille. Owner: Eleanor L Stintzcum & Traci Stintzcum.
  (916) Gorton's Holy Mackerel. Owner: Gail Gorton.
2 (1090) Hunt Club Clayview Irish Cream. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 9-12 Mos Chocolate.
4 (92) Trufa Carrillo. Owner: Dr Guillermo Carrillo.
1 (94) Cabin's Spicey Nutmeg. Owner: Cathy Giordani Straub.
A (96) Willcares Mama Got One Now. Owner: Maryalyce Morissette & Susan C Willumsen.
2 (402) Stonecrest Starieyed Brunett. Owner: Claire White-Peterson & Janet Huntley.
3 (652) Chablais Delorme Ziggy. Owner: Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Black.
  (6) Saltmeadow Peace Pipe. Owner: Carla Hyndman.
A (102) Sure Shot What's Your Pleasure. Owner: Debbie Leveque.
  (106) Waifin's Indiscrete Journey. Owner: Leslie Personett DVM & Ed Kenefick.
  (112) Hiflight Hampton's Daisy. Owner: Alana Becker & Ralph Weseman.
4 (204) Sunset's Emma Peele. Owner: Allison L Bates & Nancy Todd.
  (334) Valcar's Raegan. Owner: Jim Carroll & Clinton L Vail.
  (374) Folklaur Fortuneteller. Owner: Laura J Dedering.
  (376) Folklaur Time And Again. Owner: Mercedes Huber & Barry Huber & Laura Dedering.
3 (384) Tormentil Talimar Heartwhisper. Owner: B Lubbert & Trudy Rose.
  (522) Tonmar's Back It Up. Owner: Shaun T Scott & Debra L Scott.
  (524) Lockbriar Lady In Red Again. Owner: Wayne Lockwood Sr.
  (654) Blackrivers Black Ice. Owner: Donna Yadeskie.
  (656) Ridge View Happy Hour. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.
  (658) Mayfair Tameric's Reese. Owner: Tammy Farrington & Eric Benziger.
  (662) Hoffmann's Stormy Hit. Owner: Ruth A Hoffmann & Randahl F Hoffmann.
  (664) Ridge View Black Velvet. Owner: Donna Reece & Nora Siegner.
1 BISS (668) Shalane Cora Belle. Owner: Deborah S Lewis.
  (676) Whispering Pine's Charmed One. Owner: John Sebalusky & Barbara Sebalusky.
  (680) Pembroke Going To California. Owner: Bob Shober & Terri Shober.
  (918) Calabria's Maeson Blue. Owner: Mary Catizone.
  (920) Musket A Force Of Halat. Owner: Pat Gadaleta.
  (922) Sheabourne's Dream Of Doves. Owner: Shannon Carlton & Earl Carlton.
A (926) Augustus Kenya's Capital Nyah. Owner: Jean Sullivan & Mary Kobis.
2 (1080) Ch Wit's End Windfall Vegas Showgirl. Owner: Angela Ewald & Annie Cogo.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Yellow.
  (10) LSRK Angel's Delight Hannah. Owner: Brenda Stidfole & Harry Stidfole.
  (116) Shadowdale's Just One Look. Owner: Cindy Hummel & Linda Forsyth.
2 (118) Bellathatch No Guts No Glory. Owner: Florence Jones.
3 (124) McCrindle Molly. Owner: Annie Gaudrzan & Michael McCrindle.
1 (414) Chablais Ch‚re Cam‚e. Owner: Jean-Louis Blais & Madeleine Charest.
  (474) Crossfire Let The Rivers Run. Owner: Jean E DeGuira & William J Phelan & Dianne Bormann
  (690) Empress Morning Lilly. Owner: Dawn Nacey.
  (694) Cornerstone's Bernadette. Owner: Sheree Paskert.
  (698) Snowden Hill Charlie's Girl. Owner: Georgann W Syphard & Gladys W Rogers.
A (700) Broadway's Riverdance. Owner: Maryann Czerwinski.
4 (930) Capewood's Femme Fatale. Owner: Janice R Baltrushunas.
A (524)  
Sweepstakes, Bitches 12-15 Mos Chocolate.
2 (126) Blackrock Candy Kiss Of Candy Acres. Owner: Gayle L Abrams.
  (462) Pinehaven Wassookeag Ruby. Owner: Susan S Robichaud & David J Robichaud.
3 (704) Rockycreek's Delightful Dilemma. Owner: Kathryn Mines & Geraldine Mines.
4 (706) Bittersweet's Torch Suns. Owner: Susan L Brownell.
1 (814) Rockycreek's Cinnamon Teal. Owner: Kathryn Mines & Geraldine & Janice Mines.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos Black.
  (108) Shar-Jam's China Silk. Owner: Sharon K Celentano & James P Celentano.
  (110) Hennings Mill Fast Lane. Owner: Lois A Engel & Dorothy G Galvin.
  (314) Ragged Run Windfall Grace O'Mally. Owner: Sue Simpson & Annie Cogo & Charles Simpson
  (328) Mirabelle Nightwind Talisman. Owner: Margaret Lands.
A (332) Graycroft's Shared Horizon. Owner: Karen A Cheney & Anna Clark.
  (370) Folklaur Illusion At Lyric. Owner: Sue Simon & Dennis Simon & Laura Dedering.
2 (372) Folklaur Magic Spell. Owner: Claire Gaeckle & Laura J Dedering.
  (388) Bellburns Dollar And A Dream. Owner: Carol Pyne & Dan Pyne, Barb & Pet Corbelli.
  (394) Oulsmi Tempe. Owner: Roger Bannister & Caroline Bannister.
4 (520) Alvalley's Agatha Christie. Owner: Alfredo Vallejo & Sheila Rekow.
  (660) Ridge View Olive Has A Twist. Owner: Nora Sullivan & Donna Reece.
  (666) Hunt Club Clayview Casey. Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & D Vollette.
  (670) Chestnut's Libby. Owner: John Moneghan.
  (674) Beechcroft's Bay Berry. Owner: Mary A Wiest & Michael Wiest.
  (678) Belquest Jet Black Snowgoose. Owner: Dr Terry Purkable & Drew Lund.
  (682) Gaffs Leather 'N Lace. Owner: Charlotte Ryan.
A (716) Belquest Made For Jeans. Owner: Vicky Creamer.
3 (718) Tabatha's Heaven's To Betsy. Owner: Vicky Creamer & Carol Heidl.
  (924) Bellburns Vannah Black. Owner: Barbara A Corbelli.
  (928) Allegheny's Kyanite. Owner: Clare Senfield.
1 (944) Tabatha's Celestial. Owner: Carol Heidl.
  (974) Calabria's Classic Black. Owner: Mary Catizone.
Sweepstakes, Bitches 15-18 Mos Yellow.
  (28) Mountain Vista's No Fear. Owner: Kelly Crawford & Laura Kieffer.
3 (114) Blackdux Pearl. Owner: Kathleen Wolf.
  (120) Ridgecrest All American. Owner: Betsy Broyd.
2 (460) Flatbroke's Trick Or Treat. Owner: Rose Marie Ross & Ivy Frank.
1 (470) Rockinoak Diamonds R Forever. Owner: Ania Becker.
  (684) Hunterleigh's Tabatha Grace. Owner: Norbert Wewer.
  (686) Bonaventure's Bo Derek At Sumo. Owner: Patricia W Block & Tom & Gail Shearer.
4 (688) Trdsmn's Wild Orchids At Sumo. Owner: Patricia W Block.
  (692) Hunt Club Clayview Chelsea.  Owner: Nancy Arbuckle & David Vollette

 Galina Motor 


Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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Galina Motor

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  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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