Лабрадор *YANKEE GOODWILL* Labrador


  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

13-15 April 2005 

30th Anniversary 

of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac's Annual Spring Specialty , USA

Юбилейная монопородная выставка лабрадоров в честь 30-летия 

Потомакского Лабрадор Ретривер Клуба, США





Roy Ellison (Konoboly, Scotland) - dogs/кобели

Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак

Margie Cairns (Blaircourt, Scotland) - bithes/суки

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    Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  Labrador Potomac Лабрадор Потомак  

R E S U L T S - Результаты:

Best Veteran

Ch Allegheny's Crystal JH 

(Ch Cambremer Tudor Minstrel - Ch Allegheny's Cherry Blossom) Bitch

Breeder: Clare Senfield

Owner: Jacqueline Mischou & Clare Senfield

Veteran Dogs, 7-9 Yrs. 
  215 LB's Bailey At Willow. SN538613/01. 4/06/98. Breeder: Holly Lippincott. By Holland's LB's Top Gun - Holland's Summer Breeze. Owner: Tamara Ensley.
3 217 Ch Caer Bren Mr Pickwick JH. SN495361/01. 10/27/97. Breeder: Jacqueline Mischou & Clare Senfield. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Ch Allegheny's Crystal JH. Owner: Jacqueline Mischou.
  219 Ch Aloway's Joshua Lawrence. SN455054/04. 6/08/97. Breeder: Norma Ann Sapp. By Ch Graemoor Tim CD JH - Aloway's Courage O'Tomarc. Owner: Kathryn E Gertler & Terry Hilton & Kitty Burke.
4 221 Ch Raz-A-Mataz By Carromer. SN906285/01. 2/07/97. Breeder: Mrs Y Cook, M & C Reynolds. By Carromer's Mystery - Rosemead Blue-Print. Owner: Bob Skow & Connie Skow.
  223 Belquests Check Mate. SN481899/03. 8/06/97. Breeder: Vicky Creamer. By Ch Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby - Ch Belquest To The Point. Owner: Debbie Fitzgerald & Vicky Creamer.
2 237  Ch Boothgate Chief Producer. SN657376/01 9/23/97 
  311 Ch Camelot's Arthur Pendragon JH. SN455951/01. 6/17/97. Breeder: Camilla Adams & Gladys W Rogers. By Ch Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby - Wing-N-Wave Yellow Pages. Owner: Camilla Adams.
A 383 Ch Venetian's Blackwatch Bravo. SN417517/06. 12/31/96. Breeder: Karen H Lolli & Charlotte Veneziano. By Ch Borador Willcare Master Copy - Venetian's Jondre Regal Roxy. Owner: Corey Anger & Charlotte Veneziano.
1 447 Ch Wiscoy Don't Sell Me Short. SN498117/04. 11/07/97. Breeder: Jill Ickowski. By Chablais Black Bear - Wiscoys Wishes Come True. Owner: John O'Shaughnessy & Carolyn O'Shaughnessy.
  449 Morgan's Mountain Man Dell Q. SN514766/02. 12/26/97. Breeder: Sally Cockey. By Ch Hunt Club Hennings Mill Gino - Chillybleak Little Liza CD. Owner: Joseph E Field Sr.
  451 Ch Decoy's Shake-Rattle-N-Roll. SN469005/02. 8/14/97. Breeder: Judy David & Nancy Love. By Guideline's Monthly Review - Brooklands Decoy Harlequin. Owner: Judy Davis.
  453 Ch Graewall's Back In Black. SN403291/06. 12/12/96. Breeder: Patricia C & J Lawrence Dunn VMD. By Ch Graewall's Brigadoon - Graewall's Piper Cub. Owner: Wendy Ernst DVM & D J Fowler & Patricia C Dunn.
  779 Breckin Flashy San Reno. SN375689/01. 6/27/96. Breeder: Bev Grovert. By Hennings Mill Klondike - Breckin Cone A Courtin. Owner: Rebecca Cook & Beverly Grovert.
  781 Jacquin's Ruddy Duck Of Eire. SN414360/01. 11/02/96. Breeder: Linda Quinn. By Kelleygreens Kardinal - Goose Valleys Remington. Owner: Linda Quinn.
  783 Ch Wingmaster Lobuff Aquarius Yogi. SN510959/03. 1/04/98. Breeder: Winnie Limbourne & Betty Buelteman. By Ch Lobuff's the Grateful Dawg - Larowe's Wish Upon A Star. Owner: Kathy Sneider VMD.
  785 Ch JanRod's Chasing A Dream JH. SN523952/01. 3/07/98. Breeder: Janis I Grannemann. By Ch Raintree Slippery When Wet JH - Ch Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up. Owner: Carrie R Grannemann & Janis I Grannemann.
  833 Ch Withara's Brodies Souvenir. SN519652/01. 5/27/97. Breeder: Marie L Van Haersma-De With. By Ch Raintree Slippery When Wet JH - Withara's Classique's One To Remember. Owner: Eric Benziger & Tammy Farrington & Annie Cogo.
  835 Ch Ridge View Bugs Bunny. SN454049/01. 4/20/97. Breeder: Donna Reece. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Ch Ridge View Blev Bunny. Owner: Donna Reece.
Veteran Dogs, 9-11 Yrs.
2 225 Ch Barbaree Reap The Wild Wind CD JH. SN157262/01. 5/08/94. Breeder: Linda Oldham. By Ch Kazorp's Flying Cloud Sea Dog CD - Barbaree Wheel Of Fortune UD. Owner: Linda Oldham.
3 227 Ch Millmar's Windswept Patriot CDX. SN290078/05. 10/09/95. Breeder: June Marie Miller. By Ch Windfall's Highlander - Ch Millmar's Magic Sunbeam. Owner: Ellen C Shearer.
1 229 Ch Ashway's Willcare Impression CD MH. SN220253/01. 12/30/94. Breeder: Rose & William Ash. By Ch Willcare's Masterpiece CD JH - Ch Ashway's Coppertone Sadie JH. Owner: Susan C Willumsen.
  287 Ch Tabathas Hollybrooke Belmont JH. SN282368/05. 8/16/95. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Rocheby Amesleagh Coat Of Arms - Ch Tabatha's Scrumptious. Owner: Jenifer Witkowski & Chadwick Witkowski.
4 355 Ch Gairloch Blizzard. SN319503/01. 1/30/96. Breeder: Margaret H Crothers. By Ch Goldenhills Of Bozworth CD JH - Gairloch's Bristol Fashion CD. Owner: Margaret H Crothers.
Veteran Dogs, 11 Yrs & Older.
2 301 Ch Windfall's Drambuie Smuggler. SN087828/04. 6/13/93. Breeder: Annie & Ron Cogo. By Ch Dickendall Arnold - Ch Windfall's Win Storm. Owner: Sue Simpson & Annie Cogo.
3 353 Ch Kazorp's Scrabble. SN038606/02. 12/21/92. Breeder: Wendy C McNaughton. By Kazorp's J W Black - Ch Kazorp's Naiad Pollywog. Owner: Wendy McNaughton.
1 499 Ch Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby JH CD. SN065357/05. 3/21/93. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Dickendall Arnold - Tabatha's Siren. Owner: Vicky Creamer. (Joy Quallenberg, Agent).
A 787 Ch Huven's Lt Worf Of Shingabus. SN148344/05. 3/30/94. Breeder: C Eugene Hughes & Tony Venegas. By Ch Dickendall Arnold - Ch Valcar Sara Lee Of The South. Owner: Ginger Dow & John Dow.
A 789 Tweedledum Brookland Savoy. SN078199/01. 3/20/92. Breeder: Kirsi Luomanen. By Guideline's Copy Wright - Jayncourt Jingle Jangle. Owner: Nancy Hope Love.
Veteran Bitches, 7-9 Yrs.
  266 Devon's O'Happy Day. SN403311/01. 12/15/96. Breeder: Judith Race & Linda Oldham. By Devon's Wakefield - Barbaree Devon Song N Dance. Owner: Judith N Race & Linda Oldham.
  344 Ridgeway's Moonlit Harbor CD. SN446220/09. 1/15/97. Breeder: Wendi Huttner. By Ch Willcare's Masterpiece CD JH - Donalbain Moonsail. Owner: Susan Lazarchick & Lisa Riggio.
  (348) Whitethorn Spring Lily. SN527839/01. 3/29/98. Breeder: Patricia L Cooper & David Cooper. By Broad Reach Whitethorn Willy - Springbok Angel O'Whitethorn. Owner: Terri Kieffer.
  434 Ch LoBuff's Mass Confusion. SN387969/11. 9/23/96. Breeder: Lisa Weiss & Maggie Weiss Boba. By Ch LoBuff's Bare Necessities CD JH - LoBuff's Kimba For Justin. Owner: Jean DeGuira & William J Phelan & Chaesa Azzariti.
A 540 Chablais Precieuse De Yardley. SN560831/01. 8/19/97. Breeder: Madeleine Charest & Jean-Louis Blais. By Ch Byrnebank Clearly Great - Chablais Shakespeare Simone. Owner: Maureen Donegan.
  1030 Cuanbank Black Magic. SN416327/01. 9/13/96. Breeder: Mr James McClements. By Cannonridge Jackdaw - Foul By Clauiz. Owner: Daniel Duffy.
3 1032 Ch Tabatha's Frazzle. SN419162/01. 1/20/97. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Linrays Unfarrgetable - Ch Tabatha's Dazzle. Owner: John Helmers & Karen Helmers & Carol Heidl.
  1034 Brookland Berry Of Blackamoor. SN424234/07. 3/05/97. Breeder: H Price Jessup. By Ch Brooklands Hampshire Bucky - Briolette Of Blackamoor JH. Owner: H Price Jessup.
2 1036 Bambara Of Blackamoor. SN536045/02. 3/13/98. Breeder: H Price Jessup. By Ch Brooklands Hampshire Bucky - Blackamoor's Attitude JH. Owner: H Price Jessup.
  1038 Wood Duck Dark'N Stormy. SN523971/01. 3/07/98. Breeder: Jeanne M Charest & Madeleine Charest. By Chucklebrook Mouse That Roared - Chablais Wood Duck Y Hannah. Owner: Jeanne M Charest.
  1040 Ch Allegheny's Clementine JH. SN496350/01. 11/07/97. Breeder: Clare Senfield. By Ch Allegheny's Strolling Minstrel - Ch Allegheny's Kiwi JH. Owner: Betty Dust & Clare Senfield & Jacqueline Mischou.
4 1042 Lobuff's Lillo Of Timberlands. SN426629/04. 3/18/97. Breeder: Gloria Ennis & Lisa Weiss. By Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessities CD JH - Lobuff's Aja At Riverside. Owner: Greg Goebel.
1 1044 Ljutic Lane's Selka Girl. SN398475/04. 12/01/96. Breeder: Rebecca L Cook. By Guideline's Dusftown - Hennings Mill Perazzi Girl. Owner: Rebecca L Cook.
Veteran Bitches, 9-11 Yrs.
1 268 Ch Allegheny's Crystal JH. SN217434/04. 11/19/94. Breeder: Clare Senfield. By Ch Cambremer Tudor Minstrel - Ch Allegheny's Cherry Blossom. Owner: Jacqueline Mischou & Clare Senfield.
  270 Ch Shar-Jam's Taylor Made. SN201121/03. 11/05/94. Breeder: Sharon & James Celentano. By Tweedledum Brookland Savoy - Cedarwood Shar-Jam Cassandra. Owner: Sharon Celentano & James Celentano.
  272 Killingworth's Conway. SN270356/03. 6/29/95. Breeder: Susan R Amyotte. By Ch Banner's Dreamboat JH - Killingworth's Rosey Tomorrows. Owner: Lynn K Thomas.
  274 Ch Chilbrook Fedora. SN196826/01. 10/03/94. Breeder: Debby Kay & Kathleen Langdon. By Rocheby Straw Boater - Chilbrook Bon Bon. Owner: Debby Kay.
  338 Ch Buttonwood Nikki. SN160662/03. 5/03/94. Breeder: Eleanor L Stintzcum. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Buttonwood Pepita. Owner: Eleanor Stintzcum.
4 542 Ch Lockbriar Bridgid O Briarglen. SN298449/05. 10/11/95. Breeder: Barbara B Herman. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Briarglen Lee's Miss Murphy. Owner: Wayne Lockwood & Kim Livingston.
  736 Ch Belquest Worth The Risk. SN173846/01. 4/17/94. Breeder: Vicky Creamer. By Hennings Mill Frost Warning - Ch Beautawn's Importer CD. Owner: Alicia Creamer.
  1046 Ch Tabatha's Rainbow. SN198179/01. 5/18/94. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby CD JH - Ch Tabatha's Revelry. Owner: Carol Heidl.
  1048 Ch Bonaventure Grace Under Fire. SN217362/03. 1/09/95. Breeder: Tom Shearer & Judy L Trevino. By Ch Borowick's Quest - Alegra's The Goodbye Girl. Owner: Elizabeth Martin.
  1050 Ch Ocean Spray Rowan. SN320279/06. 2/19/96. Breeder: Sandra J MacLean. By Ch Ocean Spray Gunner - Ocean Spray Casandra. Owner: Pixie Lauer. (Jen Leitao, Agent).
  1052 Ch Tabatha's Halo. SN210751/01. 10/15/94. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Tabatha's Gadabout - Ch Tabatha's Siren. Owner: Karen Helmers & John Helmers & Carol Heidl.
  1054 Ch Wiscoy Disguise The Limit. SN280123/05. 9/07/95. Breeder: Jill Ickowski. By Ch Linray's Over The Top - Wiscoys Skye's T'Limit. Owner: Leslie A Personett DVM.
3 1056 Blackamoor's Junior Miss. SN239761/01. 3/03/95. Breeder: H Price Jessup. By Brookland Of Blackamoor - Ch Muskelunge Tabatha Of Blackamoor JH. Owner: H Price Jessup.
  1058 Manora's Bittersweet JH CD. SN316459/07. 2/05/96. Breeder: Nancy Scholz. By Ch Willcare's Masterpiece JH CD - Manora's Rhythm Of The Rain. Owner: Susan L Brownell.
2 1060 Ch Erinhill's Wild Irish Rose. SN307233/02. 12/10/95. Breeder: Cheryl Curtis & Susan Willumsen. By Ch Borador Willcare Master Copy - Willcare's Special Delivery CD. Owner: Cheryl Curtis & Susan Willumsen.
Veteran Bitches, 11 Yrs & Older.
  262 Steck's Shelby. SM893981/10. 7/14/91. Breeder: Gayle Bush. By Bo Hunter Of Mt Pleasant - Jahc's Madison. Owner: Thomas Flaherty.
  544 Muckenmire Emma. SN098173/04. 6/24/93. Breeder: Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind. By Ch Dickendall Arnold - Second Sight Heidi At Sunrise. Owner: Linda Noll & Robert Noll.
3 546 Ch Brooklands Decoy Harlequin. SM937995/09. 12/07/91. Breeder: Susie Morrill. By Ch Brooklands Hampshire Bucky - Easy Acres Sable. Owner: Judy Davis.
1 1062 Tabatha's Flutter. SN036751/01. 12/19/92. Breeder: Carol Heidl. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH - Tabatha's Lindy. Owner: Jane Wewer & Carol Heidl.
2 1064 Ch Allegheny's Kiwi JH. SN118085/02. 10/14/93. Breeder: Clare Senfield. By Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall - Allegheny's Cherry Blossom. Owner: Kristen Maloney.
4 1066 Gairloch's Bristol Fashion CD. SN094145/07. 7/20/93. Breeder: Dr Marian Shaw. By Ch Bradking Mike - Ch Springcove's Daffodil. Owner: Margaret H Crothers.
A 1068 Ch Rocheby Gingernut. SN124725/01. 2/24/92. Breeder: Mrs D M Hopkinson. By Ch Rocheby Royal Oak - Foxrush Almond Of Rocheby. Owner: Sally Kuhn & June Silva.

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